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Making Tinder like card animated graphics with React Native

Making Tinder like card animated graphics with React Native

Tinder features certainly changed how folk contemplate online dating sites courtesy the original swiping process. Tinder is among the first “swiping apps” that seriously put a swiping motion for selecting the right complement. Now we’ll create an equivalent remedy in respond local.


The easiest way to replicate this swiping process is to try using react-native-deck-swiper . This really is fantastic npm plan reveals most options. Let’s start by setting up the essential dependencies:

Although the latest respond local version (0.60.4, which we’re using inside tutorial) introduced autolinking, a couple of those three dependencies still have to end up being connected by hand because, during authorship, their own maintainers haven’t yet current these to the modern version. So we need to link them the traditional means:

Furthermore, respond local adaptation 0.60.0 and above makes use of CocoaPods automatically for iOS, therefore one added step is required to have everything installed correctly:

After setting up is done, we could today operated the application:

If you are having issues operating app using CLI, sample beginning XCode and build the software through it.

Creating the cards.js element

Following the set up is complete so we possess software running on a simulation, we could arrive at creating some rule! We’ll focus on an individual credit element, that’ll display the image additionally the title of individual. Continue reading “Making Tinder like card animated graphics with React Native”